Minneer™ Racing Simulator Cockpit Height Adjustable Gaming Steering Frame Compatible forT500,T30,T300RS,FANTEC,T3PA/TGT,Logitech G25,G29,G92,G923 ,Without Wheels,Pedals and Seat


Wheel & Pedals & Seat Not Included

  • 【Enamel Disc Steel Tube Construction】 The racing cockpit is a perfect combination of 50mm extra thick round tubes and enamel discs. Each joint is fixed with 4 huge screws. Provide professional racers with more professional, stable and safe driving equipment.
  • 【Punk Style Design】:funky streamlined design, with the appearance of a real racing car as a model. With a strong visual impact. At home, you can fully feel the feeling of real racing competition.
  • 【Multi-Position Adjustment】 The steering wheel supports 6 positions of adjustment, the angle can be adjusted between 0-45°, and the height also has 120mm space for adjustment. The pedal platform's dual-stage adjustment can be better adapted to the needs of racers.
  • 【Compatible With Most Controllers】 This is a universally designed steering wheel stand which fits all Logitech, Fanatec & Thrustmaster series racing wheels, pedals and gear Specially designed for the Logitech G25 G27 G29 and G920 racing wheels, Thrustmaster T300RS, TX F458 and T500RS.


Racing Wheel Stand

Minneer Super Heavy Duty 100% Heavy Feedback Racing Simulator Game Cabin

This new racing simulator is different from the traditional simulator is too bulky, too large, very space-intensive and other shortcomings. It achieves the double advantage of combining the professionalism and practicality of racing support.

Racing Wheel Stand


Greatly reduce the shortcomings of the traditional racing bracket more steel tubes, more screws. This new racing simulator using 2 main round tube composition. It brings a leap forward to the professionalism and stability of the product.

Racing Wheel Stand


Can bring a strong visual impact. Give racers an immersive racing experience.

Racing Wheel Stand


Can fully meet the control of different racers on the steering wheel.

Racing Wheel Stand


Wrap-around design can achieve a small footprint after meeting all the needs of the racer. Even in the bedroom or study and other small spaces can also enjoy the race game.


Products do not include steering wheels, pedals, hand brakes, seats and other products.

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