Minneer Flight Racing Joystick Bracket Gaming Chair Compatible with Logitech X56 X52 /Thrustmaster A10C Hotas Warthog (Include Joystick Bracket Base + Joystick Bracket + Pedal Mount)

  • 【Flight Compatible】Compatible with Logitech X56/X52/X52 Pro/G Saitek; Thrustmaster A10C/T16000M/Hotas Warthog + All Pedals
  • 【Racing Compatible】Compatible with G Driving Force Shifter/TH8A Shifter/Handbrake + All pedals
  • 【Dual-Stage Fixation】The WHEELS of the gaming chair with LOCK can be effective in Flight & Racing Simulator games to maintain stability and prevent sliding. PEDAL BRACKET with seat fixing slot, effectively avoid sliding back and forth when using the pedal bracket. Enhance the game experience.
  • 【Level 3 Hard Seat】The seat feels fresh, not easily deformed, and the combination of PE and PVC is closer to the real F1 race seat feeling. Seat backrest supports 90°-180° angle adjustment. Easy to switch between race mode and leisure mode.
  • 【Customer Service】Please contact us by email if you have any questions. Customer service is online 24 hours a day to help solve your problems in time.

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