Minneer Racing Simulator Cockpit Stable Fit Logitech Thrustmaster T128 T248 T300RS

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  • 〖Fully Adjustable〗The racing simulator frame can be adjusted in height and pedal angle. The gear lever can be installed on the left and right. The distance of the seat mounting part can be adjusted. The seat can be adjusted fore and aft, and the backrest angle can be adjusted.
  • 〖Wide Compatibility〗 The simulator cockpit universal frame is suitable for most steering wheels, pedals and gear levers of mainstream brands such as Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster and so on. Compatible with most seats on the market.
  • 〖Material〗 The seat color is red, the material is smooth artificial PU leather, and with neck and lumbar pillows, the total load is 400 pounds. The cockpit is a metal material made of alloy steel, which is very durable.
  • 〖Durable Stability〗The cockpit of the racing simulator is reinforced with a triangular structure and has good rigidity. There are also foot pads at the bottom of the stand, which is more stable and durable.
  • 〖IMPORTANT NOTE〗 Wheels, gear levers, pedals and seat are not included. Our seats and racing frames come in two packages and may not arrive at the same time, don't worry. If you encounter problems, you can contact us and we will provide you with a solution.

Product Description

racing simulator cockpit

Product Description

Racing wheel frame is the product with the longest history of our brand. Solid structure, simple design and humanized adjustment to meet your extreme game experience. Our racing wheel frame is more professional, stronger and more stable.

Product Features

racing simulator cockpit

racing simulator cockpit

racing simulator cockpit

racing simulator cockpit

Monitor mountable frame

The front end of the frame can be installed with a TV or display. This can make your racing game experience more realistic.

Height/Depth Adjustable

Loosen the bolt on the support arm to adjust the height of the support. Similarly, there are two bolts at the bottom of the frame, whose length can be adjusted to adjust the distance of the seat part.

Seat Stand Adjustable

First loosen the bolts fixing the seat frame. Then adjust the position of the seat frame. Finally, fix the bolts. In this way, the height and width of the seat support can be adjusted.

Pedal Angle Adjustment

You can adjust the angle of the pedal. You can adjust the angle of the pedal by loosening the bolt that secures the pedal and pushing the support arm. The adjustment angle is 2.5-32.5°. You can make your game more comfortable.

racing simulator cockpit

Our seat stand supports all seats in our store and most seats on the market. Bucket chair, PVC chair and adjustable chair all support installation. You just need to adjust the width of seat stand. Some customers even install car seats on seat stand through DIY.

racing simulator cockpit


Thrustmaster T150 T150PRO T-GT T80 T300RS(GT) T300 T500RS TX TMX 599XX EVO T3PA-PRO T300 Ferrari GTE TH8A Ferrari 458 Spider Ferrari GTE Ferrari F430 Ferrari 458 Italia Logitech G25 G27 G29 G920 Driving Force Shifter GT XBOX ONE Most Fanatec models

Racing Wheel Stand

Detailed Specifications

  • Package Size:30.7'' L x 22.47''W x 5.4''H
  • Packing Weight:42.6 LBS
  • Package Contain:
  • Parts Required for Installation
  • Support Body x 1

Real Racing Experience

Firm and Stable

The whole frame is made of alloy steel to ensure safety and stability.

Fully Adjustment

Almost all parts of the bracket are adjustable to bring you a more comfortable driving experience.

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