Minneer Flight Racing Pedal Bracket Compatible with All Logitech/Thrustmaster/Fanatec Pedals, Foldable

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    Excluding products such as seats, pedals and joysticks used as displays
    This product is available only with a separate pedal mounting frame

    About this item

    【Complete frame】:

    An extra pedal mount bracket to complete your gaming rig and enhance your gaming experience



    Our pedal mounting stand holds your racing pedal in place while also having a retaining slot for seat wheelies, 

    so no matter how intense the game is, there will be no wobbling or sliding


    This mount can fit all racing pedals and flight pedals as well as all seats, 
    there is no requirement for seats or pedals making it adaptable no matter what equipment the customer is using

    The length and angle can be adjusted according to the customer's needs and preferences.
    Pre-assembled holes allow for immediate installation upon receipt

    【Customer Service】:
    Please contact us by email if you have any questions. 
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