Minneer Racing Sim Cockpit Fit Logitech G29 G923 Thrustmaster T248 T300RS

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Without Wheel and Pedals

  • 【Pedal Upgrade】Upgrade the traditional single hole pedal bracket design to more pre drilled complete pedal bracket. Compatible with most of racing wheel & pedal of G27 G29 PS4 G920 T300RS 458 T80.
  • 【Structure Upgrade】A wide seat mounting frame is added. The adjustable stand fits most of the racing chairs on the market. To bring a more real racing experience to racing drivers.
  • 【Stable】 The chassis width of Gaming Wheel Stand is increased by 20%. The oversized chassis gives you the most stable feeling. Enjoy the 100% feedback and strong drift of the car!
  • 【Presonalized Adjustment】The height and length of the racing simulator cockpit can be adjusted, and the shift lever can be moved left and right. The height of the seat frame can be adjusted. Various adjustments make more racing drivers like this simulator cockpit.
  • 【Attention】The steering wheel and pedals are not included. This driving sim cockpit consists of 2 packages. 

Minneer is a professional racing bracket manufacturer. We are committed to building a professional racing simulator that meets the needs of customers. To upgrade and transform the products continuously, only to meet the personalized choice of more customers!


Racing Simulator Cockpit
  • Oversized Chassis:

Increased the area at the bottom of the racing bracket. It greatly improves the overall bearing capacity of the racing bracket. No matter how fierce the game, can firmly grasp the ground. Experience more professional racing.

  • Add Seat Bracket:

The rear half of the seat bracket has an adjustable function, which can be applied to most racing chairs on the market.


Racing Simulator Cockpit
  • High Strength Carbon Steel Structure:

Use high quality carbon steel with higher strength and pressure. From the root of the product to give customers more stable enjoyment.

  • Mat Upgrade:

The floor mats have been upgraded from the basic version of non slip Velcro to more stable and durable rubber floor mats. Even in the uneven ground, it can be easily adjusted and used.


Racing Simulator Cockpit
  • More Pre Drilling:

It optimizes the pedal installation limit of the infrastructure, increases a larger pedal platform and the corresponding pre drilling. It can be applied to more brands and models of pedals( TX 458, T500 RS, T300RS, T80; All fanatec pedal; Logitech pedals: G25, G27, g920, g29.)

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