Minneer 14Bit USB Handbrake Clamp Only PC/Windows for SIM Racing Games G27/G25/G29/G920/Thrustmaster T500RS/T300rs/FANATECOSW Simulate Linear Hall Sensor Handbrake Dirt Rally

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Product Description


Anti-slip gaming experience

This handbrake is equipped with an anti-slip device at the head to prevent your hands from slipping when playing. It allows for a smooth ride and has a sweat-absorbing function. It gives the player a good driving experience.


Adjustable and subtle design

This handbrake is able to be adjusted to suit the player's preference. Height-adjustable. Flexible height adjustment for different steering wheel mounts and cockpit operating heights. The angle is also adjustable, allowing you to adjust the tilt angle for driving.



Good service experience

This handbrake is easy to assemble and has all the parts inside. It can be easily installed by non-professionals.

In addition, we are committed to providing a better shopping environment and a better service experience for our customers, so if you have any questions you can ask. We are an entrepreneurial company and all of our staff are young and eager to help. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

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