Minneer™ Racing Wheel Stand Height Adjustable with Shifter Upgrade fit for Logitech G25,G27,G29,G920,G923Thrustmaster TMX, Gaming Steering Simulator Cockpit Wheel and Pedals Not Included

  • 【Gearshift Platform Upgrade】The upgraded shift lever not only supports simultaneous installation of transmission and handbrake. Also the support points have been optimized. It can withstand more controllers while providing a more stable operating experience.
  • 【Professional Adjustment】The angle of the steering wheel platform can be adjusted between 0-15°. The pedal angle can be adjusted between 0-30°. The overall height of the racing bracket can be adjusted between 24.8"-35.4".
  • 【Adaptation Range】 Thrustmaster Wheels: TX 458, T500 RS, T300RS, T80; All Fanatec wheels; All Mad Catz wheels; Logitech Wheels: G25, G27, G920, G29. Supports DIY.Suitable for Logitech steering wheels and Xbox steering wheels.
  • 【Special Design】Just lift one side of the pedal and the entire stand instantly shrinks . (5.9" W-24.8" H). Minneer Gaming Wheel Stand is equipped with a cup holder, so you can switch positions (either left or right) with the transmission platform at will.
  • 【Sturdy & Stable】 The Minneer Gaming Wheel Stand is made of high quality carbon steel and uses a special "X-shape" Structural design. It greatly increases the stability and professionalism of the overall racing bracket. Racers can drift to their heart's content, and even if the Steering Wheel Feedback is turned up to 100%, it won't affect their race condition. Ya!
  • 【Service & Note】 If you have any questions, please contact me. We will do our best to provide the best service. Wheel, pedals and shifter not included.


Racing Wheel Stand

Minneer Steering Wheel Stand PC Height Adjustable with Upgrade Shift Lever

The unique and market leading design of the Minneer Sim Racing Rig makes it a rock solid solution to have your wheel, pedals and shifter all in a realistic racing position. The stand can fold in less than 5 seconds to be packed away and be stored when not in use.

Racing Wheel Stand


-Increased the area and pre drilling of the shift lever platform by 50%. It can accommodate two controllers (transmission and handbrake, etc.) at the same time.

- Dual arm support for rock solid stability (no uncomfortable/annoying pole between your legs)

- Fully adjustable steering wheel height

- Pedals are situated at a realistic inclined angle and the pedal plate is also fully adjustable to to have your pedals closer or further from you

- Perfect and realistic gear shifter position

- Rubber protectors for stability as well as protecting your floor

- Folds away in less than 5 seconds, easy 1-step action!

- The wheel stand has the ability to stand vertically by itself when folded to hide behind a door or can be tucked away horizontally underneath the bed

- Comes almost fully assembled so you can start racing in minutes.

Racing Wheel Stand

Compatible with the following electronics


  • Thrustmaster Wheels: Tx 458, T500 RS, T300RS, T300 Ferrari Edition, 458 Italia, Spider Xbone
  • Fanatec Wheels: All Fanatec wheels on the market
  • Logitech Wheels: G25, G27, G920, G29,G923
  • Mad Catz Wheels: All Mad Catz wheels on the market


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