Minneer Foldable Steering Wheel Stand Fit Logitch Thrustmaster T248 T300RS

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  • 【Upgrade Panel】 The steering wheel panel area is increased, the thickness is increased, and the thickening and reinforcement make you not shake during the game, so you can get a better sense of the game experience. The upgraded shift lever panel not only supports the simultaneous installation of the hand brake and the shifter, but also the shifter can be interchanged left and right.
  • 【Strong Expandability】This base bracket can be used with various other products, such as seat mounting bracket, flight bracket, seat, monitor bracket, bracket accessories and so on.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】As a universal racing wheel mount, it fits most of the racing products on the market including but not limited to: T248XBox, T300 Base Template, T300RS GT, TSPC TSXW Racer cock . Note: Steering wheel, shifter and pedals are not included.
  • 【Enhanced Material】 The bracket is made of high-strength alloy steel, double-layer black paint, and four anti-skid rubber pads, which can make it difficult for you to drop or move during the game, with high stability and strong security.
  • 【High Adjustability】The angle and height of the steering wheel bracket can be adjusted to bring the best driving experience to people of different statures. You can rotate the pentagonal bolt to adjust the pedal to an ergonomic position, reflecting complete comfort.



Racing Wheel Stand


Our products have a solid construction, a unique design, and a hard material that you can adjust to your own habits and preferences for the position you need for your gaming experience.

Racing  Wheel Stand

Racing  Wheel Stand

Racing  Wheel Stand

Steering Wheel Adjustment

The steering wheel angle is adjusted to 0 ° -5°. You can adjust according to your suitable angle to give yourself a comfortable game experience.

Pedal Angle Adjustment

The pedal platform angle can be adjusted from 0 to 30, which is suitable for most racing game pedals in the market, conforms to the human body structure and enhances the use experience.

Shift Lever Left&Right Adjustment

The shift lever of our gaming stand, which can be switched between the left or right side according to preference and habit, can be more convenient for the comfort of the gamer, and in addition, the pre-drilled holes provide a great help for shifting.

racing wheelstand

Features and Details

The bracket is made of high-strength alloy steel with double-layer black coating on the outer layer for durability. Foot pedal, steering wheel panel and shift lever platform can be adjusted in multiple angles. The direction of the shift lever platform can be changed according to the user's needs. Better fit the user's needs.

Racing Wheel Stand


The foot pedal panel, steering wheel panel and shift lever platform can be adjusted in multiple angles. The direction of the shift lever platform can be changed according to user needs. More in line with user needs.The height of the stand is also adjustable. The bottom of the stand has non-slip feet, it is not easy to move when using, and will not cause damage to the floor, safer. It can be quickly folded for storage, saving space and easy to use.

Racing  Wheel Stand


Convenient storage, does not occupy space, suitable for a variety of indoor game scenes. Suitable for a wide range of models.

Fit for Logitech:G27, G29, G920, G923 Steering wheel and pedals.

Fit for Thrustmaster:T80, T GT COCKPIT, T150, T248PS, T248 XBox, T300RS GT

There are multiple holes in the flat surface to support multiple devices at the same time, and you can mount the gearstick lever and handbrake.

Racing  Wheel Stand

Material: High strength alloy steel

Coating:Black anti-rust coating

Design: Double arm structure

Color: Black

(Wheel 、Pedals 、Shifter NOT included)

Product Information:

Package Dimensions:23 x 19.75 x 6 inches; 24.05 Pounds

Item Weight:24.05 Pounds

Package Included:

1 x wheel stand 1 x Screw bag 1 x instructions

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